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We do not sub-contract, we employ all of our own staff, our staff are friendly, trustworthy, fully trained in all aspects of our cleaning services, fully insured, smartly uniformed, professional and polite at all times.

House clearance and void property cleaning is a specialised cleaning service provided by Around The Clock Cleaning Services Ltd.

Our professional, void property clearance service is here to assist local authorities Housing Associations, social housing and landlords. Our efficient house clearing and property clearance service enables all kinds of businesses to speed up the process of re-letting.

As well as social housing, we can also clean and clear properties for owners, estate agents, solicitors, and other legal agencies following deaths or evictions of anti social tenants.

In properties with known drug abuse we will carry out needle sweeps and sharps removal. Our ability to work within strict timescales will save you time and money. Body waste, needles and bio-hazardous materials will be safely removed and disposed of by our fully trained employees. We dispose of all household waste, fridges, freezers and electrical goods in accordance with environmental regulations. We provide you with all written records required to comply with the duty of care legislation.

When squatters are evicted from a premise’s, it is often left in an uninhabitable state. Hazardous waste such as bodily fluid, needles and syringes are left behind for a landowner to dispose of. This can be very difficult to clean up and extremely dangerous as there is the potential for the spread of diseases including HIV and Hepatitis.

During the clean up it is important that the process is performed safely using the correct bio hazards and sharps removal equipment. It is extremely important that an experienced specialist is used every time.

Around The Clock Cleaning Services Ltd are fully equipped and extensively trained to deal with all drug and bodily waste that is left behind by your unwanted tenants.

We guarantee to thoroughly remove any and all bio-hazardous waste, restoring your property to an immaculate state.

A squat house is not limited to just a living environment for the homeless; it could be used for a number things. For example a brothel, drug den, prostitute housing etc…

We are able to clear commercial properties. Whether it is a warehouse clearance, office clearing, shop clearances, pub, restaurant or any other type of void property.

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