Custody Cell cleaning

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Around The Clock Cleaning Services Ltd deliver a high quality professional cleaning service you can trust and rely on.

What we do

We do not sub-contract, we employ all of our own staff, our staff are friendly, trustworthy, fully trained in all aspects of our cleaning services, fully insured, smartly uniformed, professional and polite at all times.

In the UK Custody Sergeants are responsible for cell hygiene, in accordance with the Human Rights Act.

Around The Clock Cleaning Services Ltd employees are fully trained to correctly dispose of contaminated items, remove sharps, remove bodily fluids and ensure all areas are decontaminated.

We are also qualified to eliminate bug infestations such as hair and body lice.

In addition communal areas such as toilets and shower areas are deep cleaned to an extremely high standard.

As there is a high risk of infectious diseases being spread, Around The Clock Cleaning Services Ltd believe that cells should be cleaned regularly to ensure they are completely safe for the next prisoner.

We are trained to decontaminate against viruses such as Hepatitis B, MRSA and influenza.

custody cell cleaning


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