Crime & Trauma Cleaning

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What we do

We do not sub-contract, we employ all of our own staff, our staff are friendly, trustworthy, fully trained in all aspects of our cleaning services, fully insured, smartly uniformed, professional and polite at all times.

An incident of suicide, trauma or a crime scene is an incredibly upsetting situation for those involved.

Following one of these situations people often do not understand that there are a number of physical health risks, usually brought about by the fluids and bacteria that can be released.

Due to these health risks, it is important that a clean up is completed in the correct manner and by professionals well trained and experienced in the process. This will ensure that the scene is cleaned, decontaminated and completely safe by the time they leave.

Around The Clock Cleaning Services Ltd employees are trained to complete the cleaning up of accident sites, crime scenes, trauma and decompositions.

We hold a hazardous materials waste disposal license for situations where there is the need for the safe disposal of clinical waste or there are sharps present.

We understand the importance of dealing with these jobs with great care and delicacy whilst keeping client confidentiality, as more often than not someone may have lost their life or have been seriously injured.

Our teams are always available to deal with enquiries quickly, discretely, sensitively and are respectful of the site they are cleaning.

crime and trauma cleaning


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