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Are you looking to create a clean, appealing, safe environment for your employees and customers? Cleanliness is important to over 90% of people when considering repeat custom with a business (Ipsos, 2017), so let us help you make a good first impression. Around The Clock Cleaning provide a regular cleaning service for all sectors; whether you are in hospitality or education, run a corporate office or your own dentistry practice, we can provide a high-quality regular cleaning service for a reasonable price. By outsourcing your cleaning to ATC Cleaning, you can reduce your costs by as much as 23% (IMFA), whilst saving you the effort associated with employing in-house cleaning staff.


Did you know the average office desktop harbours over 10 million bacteria? More than 28% of staff absence is from preventable causes, such as common colds and nausea & vomiting bugs, leading to 12 million sick days a year! But a clean office doesn’t just reduce absences, it increases productivity. In a London Office Workers Survey, 90% of employees feel they are much more productive in a clean environment, providing yet another reason to keep your office spick and span. ATC cleaning can arrange a regular cleaning schedule based on your office’s requirements, or offer more specialist services including carpet cleaning, and reoccurring deep cleans, helping your workplace to consistently look its best.


With the UK private healthcare sector worth $11.8 billion in 2017, and growing rapidly, more and more of the population is turning towards private healthcare. From Dentist Surgeries and Private GP Practices to Chiropracter Clinics and everything in between, you can trust ATC to ensure a hygienic environment to treat your patients in. Healthcare-acquired infections can be reduced by as much as 70% by using prevention strategies including adequate cleaning with specialist cleaning products. Around The Clock Cleaning uses professional cleaning techniques that target Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus species, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa- the top 4 causes of healthcare-associated infections in Europe (EUDC). As well as the health consequences for your patients and staff, maintaining a clean environment is good for business; 90% of P&G survey participants said they’d think about changing doctors if the waiting room was always dirty.

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If you are running an accommodation-based business, nothing is more important to the customer than cleanliness; 90% of travellers wouldn’t book a hotel with “dirty” in the reviews, and 97% rank cleanliness as important when choosing somewhere to stay (Emprise study). Whether you are an events venue, casino, hotel, or even an Airbnb, ATC Cleaning can help you provide a clean and welcoming environment for your guests. The average events guest produces 1.89kg of waste, without taking into account the impact drunk patrons can have on your bathrooms and communal areas. Our regular cleaning service includes waste removal, bathroom product restocking, sanitary bin emptying and cleaning, as well as surface and floor sanitisation, to get your venue looking its best for your next event. We also offer bar-specific services including beer line cleaner and bactericidal glass wash to keep your patrons safe.


60 million days of school are missed due to child illness in the UK, with another 3 million days of teaching lost due to teacher sickness (Department of Education). Children are more susceptible to many diseases due to their under-developed immune systems, poor hygiene practices, and close contact with each other. Scheduled regular cleaning of the educational environment is one of the best ways to help; ATC Cleaning focus on disinfection of surfaces including classrooms and computer rooms, as well as improving child hygiene by ensuring soap and paper towel dispensers are fully stocked.
Many educational organisations employ their own in-house cleaning staff, however out-sourcing to ATC Cleaning can save you up to 23% in costs. We can provide qualified staff who you will only pay for their time spent cleaning- we carry out the pre-employment checks, cover their insurance and pension contributions, and provide you staff cover regardless of holiday and sickness. Universities, Schools, Day-Care Facilities, Colleges, and Private Tutoring Premises can all benefit from our affordable regular cleaning service.


Legally, every commercial kitchen must be cleaned by a professional at least every six months, but regular cleaning can help improve and maintain your restaurant’s Food Standard Agency rating, as well as helping achieve a consistently enjoyable customer experience. Regular cleaning from our professionally-trained staff can help to improve the output of your specialist kitchen equipment, as well as increasing its longevity and save you money. We can arrange our regular and deep cleaning services to suit your opening hours, reducing the disruption to your business.


Just because your business hasn’t been mentioned doesn’t mean Around The Clock Cleaning can’t help! Supermarkets, detention facilities, commercial units, and many other buildings are all within our remit; as our regular cleaning services can be customised to meet your business’s individual needs, just arrange for us to visit your property to see how we can satisfy your requirements.

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Why choose us?

Around The Clock Cleaning offers a reasonably priced, efficient cleaning service that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Minimising client disruption is very important to us, so we specialise in completing deep cleans during non-working hours. We offer a massive range of services, from regular escalator and travelator cleaning to insect infestation management, waste removal to fire and flood damage clean up, and sensitive cleaning services in the cases of crime, trauma and suicide.
Our staff are trained to provide expert advice on cleaning equipment, products, and techniques; all staff are provided with PPE and professional cleaning supplies to make life easier for you. Each client is assigned their own quality control manager to ensure all jobs are completed to industry standards and your company’s requirements. Cleaning staff are equipped with pre-planned quality checklists to ensure a universally high standard; none of our tasks are ever sub-contracted out, as we use our own excellent cleaners to ensure consistency.
We are a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, and adhere strictly to all UK legislation including COSHH and The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. We are fully insured and provide great customer service, from our quality control managers to our polite and professionally-presented cleaning staff.
If your business is interested in consistently high-quality cleaning for a competitive price, contact us today for a tailor-made cleaning package.